Hasu Haus / Somdoon Architects

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, 29 November 2017 |
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‘Hasu Haus’ is seven storeys height housing with 333 units located in the growing fringe of Bangkok where an expansion of overground system is introduced. The background of the project is Sansiri, the client, would like to introduce the masterplan of high-density housings for residents who work in the centre of the city in this area, and arrange closed design competition for residential blocks. The site is located among 3 main corridors including Sukhumvit, Raminthra-Atnarong highway and On-nut road leading to business district. It is also located in one hectare radiance from On-nut station and Phrakanong station where is well-known for residential zone. To design new housing, architect also sees opportunities of the existing surrounding as a perfect neighbourhood unit. The area contains housings, and all services components like schools, malls and temple. Therefore, the housing design takes challenges introducing high density dwellings by integrating new development to existing community, and creating long-term relationship to other surroundings. The design takes Thai typical house along the canal with the backyard garden as a nostalgic inspiration for courtyard and living space characteristic.